Physical Trauma

Traumatic danger in terms of physical injury is caused by traffic, workplace or sport accidents or as a result of civil, terroristic and military violence and natural disasters. The trauma-induced acute danger response of the organism in general strives for healing after injury.

Inflammation, organ dysfunction and disturbed tissue regeneration

However, significant complications, such as inflammation, organ dysfunction, and disturbed tissue regeneration may develop after severe or repeated trauma events, particularly in the presence of comorbid physical as well as psychological disorders. Thus, interdisciplinary research of the mechanisms involved after external danger impacts including the immuno-pathophysiological consequences of single, multiple or cumulative trauma events across the life span will help to design individualized approaches for effective treatment. By synergistic research efforts, we expect to provide adaption, resilience and prevention strategies to master physical danger impacts in the future for the individual patient and global society.

Figure: Traumatic danger impact by a car accident resulting in a severely injured patient who in accordance to the rescue chain receives primary care before the transfer to a hospital with trauma-expertise.

Research Groups


Prof. Dr. med.
Markus Huber-Lang

  • Director Institute of clinical and experimental trauma immunology


Prof. Dr.
Anita Ignatius

  • Director Institute of trauma surgery research and biomechanics