New High-Security Laboratory for Ulm University

The virological research at the University Medical Center in Ulm is expanding with the construction of a high-security Level 3 containment laboratory (S3-Lab) as a container solution on the campus. This lab will primarily focus on researching SARS-CoV-2, but will also study other pathogens such as influenza and HIV viruses. The total construction cost, including equipment, amounts to approximately 8.4 million euros. The new laboratory will enhance the capabilities for studying coronaviruses and enable a faster and more effective response to emerging viral diseases. The President of Ulm University, Professor Michael Weber, highlighted that the new S3-Lab will advance outstanding virological research at the university, leading to new insights for combating dangerous pathogens.

A Level 3 laboratory is designed for working with dangerous or potentially deadly pathogens and is commonly used to research drugs against infectious diseases. In addition to developing antiviral medications, researchers at the new lab aim to understand how SARS-CoV-2 adapts to the human immune system. The facility is expected to be fully equipped and handed over to researchers in the third quarter of 2023.